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Course description

Anxiety is an Asshole is a 6 week, 42 lesson course created for people who struggle with generalized anxiety disorders. Taught by an experienced therapist, these lessons are designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of recovering from anxiety. With videos, worksheets, activities, and lots of little extras, you'll explore and learn more about yourself and how to heal. For a detailed description of course goals, visit my full description page here.

Although it is designed for a 6 week study period, many people prefer to take it a little slower, and that's okay! Once you enroll, you'll have all the time you need to complete the course.

Anxiety does NOT have to be a constant struggle - learn how to take control and get your life back!

Dr. Karen McDowell

Dr. Karen McDowell

Author + Educator + Speaker + Therapist

My work over the last twenty years has covered a variety of areas, beginning with earning my first interpreter certification in 1997. Since that time, I have worked as a teacher, interpreter, professor, psychotherapist, and social-justice educator, and have continually been inspired by the depth, power, and resiliency that accompany the human experience. It has been my honor to share space with people during the most difficult times in their lives, and to walk alongside them as they move toward healing.

To learn more about my credentials, experience, and clinical practice, visit

Course Contents

42 Videos

1 Quiz

134 Texts

30.0 hrs

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